Friday, May 1, 2015

Month At A Glance

It's Friday - Yay! I have been missing most of this week, but wanted to quickly check-in on the blog. I am doing well. The jar lunches are going well. The low-carb this is not going well because I love carbs waaaayyy too much! I exercised 3 times this week, and will agian tomorrow. So that's three rest-days this week, not two like I had planned initially. But I'm okay with that.

At the start of this month, I started keeping a monthly calendar of my eating and exercise behaviors. I got this idea from Skinny Hollie's Blog (, and it has been a good visual reminder of what I am doing. I mark what I do on the calendar - green stars on days that I eat well and don't binge, and gold stars for days that I exercise. At the end of the month, this is what it looked like:

As you can see - 8 days of eating well and 11 days of exercise. This is quite interesting, since I always imagined that it was easier for me to eat well than it was for me to exercise. It looks like I was able to do exercise more easily than maintain a reasonably binge-free day of eating. The second observation I made is that over the last two weeks when I have made an intentional plan for exercising, I exercised more - DUH!!! I guess I should keep making weekly goals!

Here was the food for yesterdaay -

Blueberry Greek Yogurt - Surprisingly, it did not have much sugar in it!

It was no surprise that I was hungry an hour and a half later.
Hummus and Balsamic-Basil Triscuits

Lunch from the jar - Yummy!

I dined with my friend L. after our usual Thursday walk together.
We started with bread, olive oil, vinegar and parmesan.

We split an appetizer of grilled bread with whole roasted garlic and baked "Cambrozola" Cheese (Camembert, Brie and Gorgonzola). This was garlicky, cheesy and yummy!

I had the penne with pesto

L. had this yummy looking lasagna.

Then we each had a giant scoop of ice-cream that was so yummy we forgot to photograph it.

1 hr walk with L.


LCJ said...
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LCJ said...

I feel a bit bad about the carb overload but I have to say, I do look forward to our walk/dinners together. It's a good incentive to for me to keep on a healthy track most of the week but look forward to splurging with you.

Also, that jar lunch looks beautiful. Recipe, please!!

Chrysalis Fit said...

Don't be sorry about the carb overload. I loved every carby bit of it! Plus, I'm not really on a low-carb diet. I was just idly thinking to myself that I should watch my carbs. Anyway, there is no point in carb-counting if you are going to go to an Italian restaurant. :-)

The jar lunch recipe is simple - raspberry-balsamic dressing, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives, bow-tie pasta and feta cheese. That was all that would fit in the jar. I also added to it - spinach, cucumber and chickpeas. It was as tasty as it looks.

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