Thursday, September 10, 2015


Over the last month or so, I have found myself go through a lot of emotional fluctuation. I have mentioned before that I feel depressed - sometimes for no reason. When it come to food and fitness, I seem to go through cycles of feeling motivated in the mornings, but finding that motivation tanking in the afternoons and evenings. I am still hoping that this is a short phase, and that I will feel better soon.

The lovely thing is that the universe/God/higher-power has been sending me lots of things to help me feel better. I feel a great amount of love from my family and from my friends. I am well respected at work, and have a rewarding job where I get to help people and see them feel better. There is plenty to be grateful for, but I wanted to share some of the food/fitness things that I have been grateful for recently:

I have received a lot of free produce this year from friends and neighbors - this is just a small sampling. I've also received more zucchini, strawberry and pears. The mint was picked by me and my friend Lisa who knows I love mint and led me to a giant patch of mint growing on a sidewalk.

That's Don and me at the coast in Oregon. We were trying to make a heart with our fingers - it's lopsided, though! I am grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest in a place that (mostly) gets really good weather - temperate summers, no major snows, and not much oppressing heat/humidity (although it's humid in the winter). I live close to the sea and close to the mountains. I get to pick blackberries in the summer. I am grateful that I get to go camping in one of the many national forests nearby.

I've entered giveaways before, but this is the first one I have ever won!!! Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy hosted a giveaway of her favorite things, and I won a journal, a set of Staedtler fineliner pens, and a copy of "Women, Food and God".

Not every weekend - but often enough, Don makes me spicy scrambled eggs.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lovely Weekend.

I hope all of you who are in the U.S. had a wonderful long-weekend. Don and I decided to celebrate Monday by going on a long drive up one of our local rivers. This was a mildly stressful event because even though we had the car repaired, it is not running at a 100%. Don thinks that in addition to what was wrong with the exhaust system (we replaced the catalytic converter), there may also be something wrong with the ignition system. In any case, we took it on a long drive even though it was running rough at times.

We had a lovely time - we went up to a reservoir and dam where I found a lovely little seating area hidden away of the face on the dam. I could look out onto a wonderful view and no one could see me. I am not entirely sure that I was supposed to be there - there was a ladder leading there and it probably is used only for repairs and what not. But Don said that I would be okay since there were no signs posted to keep off. I plan on returning there one day when my car is completely fixed, and taking a book and a snack. It's a perfect place to enjoy a lazy afternoon - have a spectacular view and also be hidden away from the world.

On the way back, we also stopped at an organic farm where Don had years ago helped build a cob barn. The barn still exists, and the farmer's son (the farmer is dead now) was very glad to see him. I am in awe of my husband - I was not too impressed when he told me about it - but seeing it in person was amazing! The cob barn is now being used a their storefront, and has a quaint - fairytale-like look. I was pondering the barn and wondering why it looked like that, when Don asked me what was on my mind and I told him. He said that they were initially trying to make it be a heart-shaped structure, but they messed up and it turned out to be quaint and misshapen. I wish I had taken pictures!!! I will next time. They had u-pick flowers : As many flowers as you can pick for $4. So, I picked a handful, have some at home, brought some to work, left some at the front desk in my office, and took some to my friend Lisa.

Weigh-in yesterday was slightly up - 220.6 lbs. But, it was a beautiful day and I was not sad!! Will post pics of food tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Quick Check-In and Goals for September

Monday's weigh-in was 219.4 lbs. Still maintaining. I haven't been able to post much since life has been really really busy lately with work and a few other things. I am still taking the bus, but the car goes to the mechanics tomorrow, so hopefully it will be fixed and ready to pick up by Friday. I can't wait!!! The bus is really interesting, and I don't mind so much on weekdays to get to and from work, but I do really need my car on the weekends.

1. Be better about taking pictures of food and posting on the blog
2. Take my meds and check BG regularly
3. Start exercising again!!!!!!
4. Get more sleep - go to bed by 11pm
5. Be better about staying in touch with family and friends
6. Cook three new recipes this month

I'll check-in again soon. Fingers crossed for the above goals!