Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Quick Check-In and Goals for September

Monday's weigh-in was 219.4 lbs. Still maintaining. I haven't been able to post much since life has been really really busy lately with work and a few other things. I am still taking the bus, but the car goes to the mechanics tomorrow, so hopefully it will be fixed and ready to pick up by Friday. I can't wait!!! The bus is really interesting, and I don't mind so much on weekdays to get to and from work, but I do really need my car on the weekends.

1. Be better about taking pictures of food and posting on the blog
2. Take my meds and check BG regularly
3. Start exercising again!!!!!!
4. Get more sleep - go to bed by 11pm
5. Be better about staying in touch with family and friends
6. Cook three new recipes this month

I'll check-in again soon. Fingers crossed for the above goals!


Finding Lori said...

Great goasl! I like the recipe one! I need to try new things too! Good luck!! :)

Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

Great goals! I'm loving everyone's goal posts--it's super motivating!

LCJ said...

I love your goals! Hope you are able to tackle each one! I am enjoying my walks to the bus now but I wonder who it will be when it is cold and wet!

Anna said...

Love the goal about staying in better touch with family and friends. I get so caught up in my little world. I need to make a specific plan to - i.e. call ?? on Tuesday or write one letter a week.

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