Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Goals

My goals for April were a big fail. I did some of them partially, and some none at all. The last two weeks of April, where I was making weekly goals went better. On the whole, I think that for the month of April, I ate more mindfully, and exercised more than I have since January. I hope that this month, I will be able to continue to do so. Since the weekly goals worked better, I think I will continue to do them as well, but here are my broader goals for May:

  1. Exercise at least 3x/week, and more if possible
  2. Eat mindfully, and don't let small binges turn into big ones
  3. Get my weight firmly down into the 210's
  4. Read two books this month
  5. Cook three new recipes this month
  6. Eat at least 3 servings of fruit/veg per day
  7. Call my parents once a week at least


Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

Those look like good, attainable goals. I stopped setting monthly goals for myself because it was just too overwhelming---like, if I messed up once then there's no way to meet my goal for the month, so why bother? I like your idea of setting weekly goals--I think I'll start doing that, probably on Saturdays since that's my WI day and when my week "starts over". I also find that it helps just to set daily goals and tell myself that I only have to do it for today, and if I just make it to the end of the day then I met my goal! (I'm taking lots of mental notes to remember to utilize my own advice and suggestions, haha.)

Chrysalis Fit said...

Hi Christina. It certainly was easier for me to stick with the weekly goals, but the daily goals sound even better. I went on a bit of a Cinco de Mayo binge yesterday, so my goal for today is to eat clean and refrain from binging.

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