Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekday Lunch Prep

First things first - I weighed in this morning at 225.6 lbs. That is a 1.6 lb loss this week. I am happy about this. I hope I keep going at this pace, and by the end of the year, I shall be very satisfied with myself. I mostly stuck with my exercise plan for last week - I took an extra rest day. This week, I plan 2 rest days, and will exercise the other days.

Now to more exciting things... My weekday lunches are not often well-planned. I try to bring leftovers for lunch when there are leftovers. I have a husband with a healthy appetite, and frequently we don't. I usually have a frozen meal at work, and if there are no leftovers, then I have that. Occasionally, I will go out and get lunch at one of the cafeterias with a co-worker. And rarely, I go on my own to the cafeteria.

I decided for a change to do what appears to be all the rage - Mason Jar Lunches. Only, I am too cheap and lazy to go out and buy mason jars specifically for this purpose. So, it's reused Salsa Jar lunches instead.

The jars were too small for all my planned ingredients, so I also brought spinach, cucumber and chickpeas to add to the contents of the jars. Not quite just a jar lunch - but I'm still excited about them. I feel very prepared!!! Here is what I have in them

Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
Cherry Tomatoes
Artichoke Hearts
Large Black Olives
Farfalle Pasta
Feta Cheese

Now, the food for yesterday -
Oats with Curried Mung Beans, Peanuts

Santa-Fe Rice and Beans, Banana

Chocolate. I ate the whole thing - I had meant to only eat half.
Unphotographed crackers and cheese.

Cabbage-Cucumber Salad; Veggie Burger; Fried Rice
Unphotographed watermelon

1/2 Hour Elliptical; 1/2 Hr Weights @ the Gym


Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

Your not-quite-mason-jar lunches sound delicious! I usually take leftovers, but if there are none to be had then I bring a big giant salad. Congrats on the weight loss this week!

LCJ said...

I love things in a jar! We had a leftover curried lentil soup ingredients in a jar. Threw it all in some water to boil and we had 8 cups of soup in 30 minutes. Healthy and quick. Keep up the good work :)

Chrysalis Fit said...

Thanks, Christina! Hope to keep it going! :-)

Lisa, I love soup! And I love lentil soup. I still have to check out the natural grocers where you got your sambhar. I loved it when I had it at your place.

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