Thursday, April 9, 2015

To Snack or Not To Snack

My diet downfall is very frequently snacks that are sneaked in between meals. Frequently, this happens before I have thought about it or weighed whether or not they are good snacks for me. Also, since they are not usually very large snacks, I dismiss them as not important enough to log or take pictures of. However, they add up over the day.

I have tried in the past to do 6-ish small meals a day. This did not work for me. I work in an 8-5 job with hour long appointments with little time between appointments. I can't find time to do multiple small meals. Also, small meals never satisfy me as much as the larger 3-meal-a-day meals. So, I am sticking with three main meals and small snacks in between.

How then do I manage to not snack so much? One idea I had was only keeping fruit or something like that around. But then I just end up feeling deprived. Should I give up snacking altogether? What do you all do? How do you keep snacking in check?

2 Egg Scramble with Asparagus and Goal Cheese Crumbles; Tea

Rice Crackers w. Chipotle Cheese

Santa-Fe Rice and Beans; Banana

Unphotographed Easter Candy - a handful - mini binge!!

My friend L. and I go to dinner after our Thursday walks. We tried a new Chinese place. It looked very traditional and authentic. I had Spicy Tofu w. Noodles in broth.

Then we had dessert - I had Thai Tea Icecream

L. had a Tapioca dessert. This was much tastier than it looks

I did not finish the icecream, so they packed the rest to go on ice! So wonderful!!

GBA Challenge: --
1 hr walk with my friend L.


LCJ said...

I love how creative, experimental, and adventurous you are in your food choices! It's hard for me to deny food especially when it involves cultural experience. Culinary curiosity is a wonderful thing! Keep doing what you do!

Chrysalis Fit said...

Thanks, Lisa. It does not always feel lovely - especially when I am beating myself up. I am trying to work on just enjoying what I eat and learning to do so intuitively without judging the amounts I eat. I feel proud that I no longer have a "good food" and "bad food" distinction and will eat anything - I remember a time when I used to feel miserable if I are anything that was tasty (because of the high fat/carb/sugar/calorie content). Thank goodness I don't do that anymore. Food is wonderful!!!!

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