Monday, April 20, 2015

New 30-Day challenge

I am back from vacation. I had an extremely teeny-tiny loss that is probably just water weight or the clothes I was wearing. I was not at all in an eat-healthy mindset when I was on vacation. Well, I hope to be back on track again this week.

Yesterday, my husband, "D" said out of the blue that he thinks we should eat less sugar. I don't think we eat a sugar heavy diet anyway (except for all the easter candy I ate the last couple of weeks). We eat a small amount of sugar (usually dessert after dinner). I asked him if he meant low-carb, and he said no - low sugar. I said that he was welcome to eat less sugar if he wanted to. I think I might try to aim for low carb. Not excessive carb-restriction since I have no intention of depriving myself of things I love. But I could eat a small scoop of icecream instead of two large scoops, or trade white rice out for rolled oats, or give away any remaining Easter Candy.

I also have to be mindful of exercise. I notice that unless I set very specific goals, I am not going to exercise. So, I have scrapped my GBA challenge since that was not happening. I am going to set a new 30 day challenge - exercise for 1 hour each day with one day of rest per week. This is what I will do this week:
SUN: 1.5 hr walk - DONE!
MON: 1 hr Body Sculpt class at the gym - DONE!
TUE: 1 hr walk after dinner
WED: Rest Day
THU: 1 hr walk with my friend L.
FRI: 1/2 hr cardio, 1/2 hr weights at gym
SAT: 1 hr walk

I brought my workout clothes to work today, and changed and headed to the gym right after work. No excuses!

I overslept and rushed out of the door with no time to make a proper breakfast.
Balance bar and Banana

Santa-Fe Rice and Beans; Baked Sweet Potato

Pepperjack Cheese; Rice Crackers

Oats, Curry, Mung Beans (Swapped white rice for oats)

Thai Tea flavored icecream. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

1 hr Body Sculpt Class


Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

Small changes are the way to go! Sometimes we get so caught up in making big, sweeping changes that we forget that the little things really do add up. I've never thought about oats in place of white rice; I usually use brown rice or quinoa in recipes that call for rice. Good idea to set activity goals for yourself!

Chrysalis Fit said...

Hi Christina. Thanks for the encouragement. Oats in the place of rice are fine. They taste like whatever you add to them - but are just a bit mushier. I have used quinoa and brown rice before too and that works wonderfully as well. I also have made cauliflower rice before, and that was good too.

LCJ said...

I'd love to learn your recipe for you curried mung bean oats :) looks yum!

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