Thursday, April 23, 2015

Short Post

I work late on Wednesdays, and got home late. I did not want to go walking after that, but forced myself to go out for a walk, and felt better after that. I wish I could get more excited about exercise. Is there a way to do that? What motivates you to exercise when you don't actually get to see the results of it immediately?
Smoothie w. 2 carrots, banana, milk

Pepperjack Cheese, Rice Crackers

Cheese Pizza; Carrots & Hummus

Unphotographed Spinach Dip & Saltines - this was definitely a mini binge.

Lentil, Barley and Veggie soup w. cheese.

I planned on eating only half the cookie. I ended up eating the whole thing.

1 hr walk medium-brisk pace.


Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

I remind myself how good I feel after exercising, and how lazy I feel when I don't. I also look forward to it more when I have a specific plan or goal; like right now, I'm doing this 8-week running plan, so each run builds on the previous and I'm determined to run a mile!

Chrysalis Fit said...

That's great advice! I usually do feel better after I exercise too! I don't have a specific goal like yours. I should make one!

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