Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly Weigh-in #1

I stepped on the scale this morning - 234.8lbs. That is a 1.6lb weight loss this week. I should be happy, but I have been stepping on the scale each morning, and I know at one point it was down to 232.4, so I feel slightly bad.

To avoid this, I won't step on the scale between weigh-ins. I will be gone next Monday on vacation and may not have access to a scale. However, I will be back and weighing-in the Monday after that.

Breakast. 8:15am
Plain Greek yogurt  mixed with a banana, nuts and craisins

Lunch. 12:15pm
1 slice rustic onion-herb bread
Pav bhaji
Roasted Broccoli
2 Lindor truffles

Mid-afternoon Snack. 2:00pm
1/2 cup trail mix

Mid-afternoon Snack #2. 5:45pm
Hummus & carrots

Dinner. 8:50pm
Rice, Thai Tofu Green Curry
Pilot bread
Fat-free vanilla ice-cream
(We found out that D's mother had fallen and broken an arm and a hip. She is very old and frail. We went to visit her, and dinner was delayed)


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