Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recipes for the Month

One of my goals for February is to make 3 new recipes that I have not made before. I keep cooking the same things over and over, and it is time to expand my repertoire. Here are the three things I plan on making when I get back from vacation next week:
  1. African Groundnut Stew
  2. Tofu Piri Piri
  3. Pumpkin-Walnut cake 
The first two recipes are from Vegan Fire and Spice, and the last one is from a recipe a co-worker gave me.

Here's the nosh planned for today -

Breakfast. 7:30am
Tea w. milk & splenda
Pilot bread x1
2 oz cheese

Snack #1. 10:30am

Lunch. 1:00pm
Rice, Thai Tofu Green Curry

Snack #2. 4:00pm
Hummus & Carrots

Exercise. 5:15pm
Walk with friend - 1 hr

Dinner. 8:00pm
Tofu tacos w. salsa
Fat free-vanilla ice-cream


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