Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sore Today

Zumba last night was fun. I was very awkward, didn't move the way I was supposed to, and felt ridiculous! But, the class went by so much quicker than any other workout classes I had been to, so that's wonderful. I think I will be back again. I didn't feel like the workout was a big strain on me, but I was tired, slept well and this morning was sore - so I think I was using muscles that I don't usually use. Good job, me!!!

I started work about an hour and a half later than most days - it makes such a difference to have an extra hour and a half to not have to focus on work! I wish I worked shorter hours. I wish everyone worked shorter hours! We all would be much happier that way, I think.

Goal for this week, use up as much of the stuff in the fridge as we can before we leave for a week long trip to Boston. This means getting creative with foodstuff and trying new recipes. Nice! I am going to make roasted ricotta tomatoes today - basically, scoop out tomatoes, stuff them with a mixture of ricotta, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper, top with some breadcrumbs, bake at 400F for half an hour. I'll add a pic tomorrow.


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