Sunday, February 2, 2014

Feb 2nd, 2014

Nothing much to report today. I am working on a Sunday. :-( I am going to a conference and then on a 2 day vacation, so I need to get caught up on a number of things before that.

Usually on Sundays, D and I will go to a nearby town for dinner or to do something as a "mini break". I am working today and we are going on vacation soon, so we decided that we were going to get a cheap dinner in town and go watch a cheap movie. Captain Phillips is playing at the $2 theater in town.

Breakfast 8.30am
2ox cheddar cheese, 10 rice crackers

Lunch. 12:30pm

Rice, chickpea curry
1 cup Mixed nuts & craisins

Mid-afternoon snack binge. 5:00pm
4 lindor truffles
1/4 cup mixed nuts and craisins
Hummus and carrots

Dinner. 6:30pm
Enchilada Bowl (rice, refried beans, enchilada sauce, cheese)
Tortilla chips, salsa

I'll post my first weekly weigh-in tomorrow.


Lauren Gramling said...

I like that you keep a diary of your food intake. That's an excellent way to keep yourself honest and accountable. I find myself snacking {just one bite, or one piece or a taste of that..etc} that adds up fast!!
Thanks for stopping by and reading (: feel free to follow my journey! I'll check in on yours, too.

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