Monday, January 11, 2016

Weigh-In #1

Welcome to the first weigh-in of the year after New Year's Day. Although this is the first weigh-in I am posting, I have hopped on the scale every now and again. This makes this report somewhat disappointing because at one point last week, I was down to 223.4lbs. Oh well! The official weigh-in for today is 225.0 lbs. Down 0.6lbs from last week. I am grateful for the loss however small.

Last week, I did most of my healthy eating and exercising/walking over the weekdays. From Fri-Sun, my daily steps were under 10,000 and although I did not eat horribly, I did not track much and also ate larger portions. On Saturday, we were invited to a friend's place, and I think she forgot that I was vegetarian because apart from the salad greens, the only other vegetables were cooked with the meat, so I didn't have any. I had a salad with no protein, and some greek yogurt. But she made the most amazing rosemary garlic bread that I have ever eaten! It was heavenly and I think I overindulged on it. I am planning on re-creating it sometime this week and if I do, I'll post the recipe.

Some of the other highs this weekend were - Sunday was a day of rest. All I did was chores around the home, painting my nails and catching up on some videos I wanted to watch. It has made my week start at a lovely, relaxed pace. On Saturday, I met a friend for lunch whom I have not met since the summer. She was my best friend for years and this is the longest we've gone without meeting. We hit a small rough patch a few months ago when we both were struggling with separate personal issues. It was hard to be there for each other, and I think we both felt let down. But, we talked things over - both of us apologized, and we are back to how close we were before. After lunch, we came back to my place, made some tea and chatted for a couple of hours. All in all, this weekend was a good one for emotional and social rejuvenation. I am grateful for this.

Although I did not consistently click pictures of my food, here are some of the things I ate this weekend:
Two eggs scrambled with zucchini and carrots

Slice of Ricotta/Potato/Onion pizza; Assorted stuff from the olive bar

Moong dosa (soaked and ground mung bean crepe) and coconut chutney

A sugar cookie that my sister and I had made and iced together over the Christmas holiday

Salad w. Lettuce, pico de gallo and pinto beans

Less than 10,000 steps each day. Ranged from 3XXX - 8XXX.


Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

Woohoo, celebrate that loss! That cookie is beautiful--whenever I ice sugar cookies, the result is rather, um... abstract :)

Jessica said...

Congrats on your WI!

Chrysalis Fit said...

Thanks, Jessica! Christina - it took a long time to get those done. But they did turn out lovely!

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