Friday, January 15, 2016

Stupid TV Diet Show

My day was okay - got my steps, got into bed on time, still haven't done upper body workout due to getting home really really late most days. Sigh! I had planned on eating a salad for lunch again, but it was getting a little old and yesterday's leftover calzone was calling to me. By dinnertime, I felt really depressed. Don made me scrambled eggs and baked potatoes. So, not many veggies today. Sigh!!! On the upside, I went out for a 20 min walk before lunch even though there was a slight drizzle - something that would typically deter me. I find that a short walk at lunchtime really helps with getting my 10,000 steps. Here's a tree that I saw while walking at lunchtime - at first when I was a block or so away, I thought it was a tree with leftover Christmas decorations. But, it turned out to be an apple tree which had shed its leaves and the apples were still on it!

I watched this really stupid TV show while eating my lunch. I should eat mindfully and without watching YouTube videos - I know, I know!!! Anyhow, I watched a new show on ABC: "My Diet is Better Than Yours". WTF!!! It is so ridiculous. It's good that people want to get fitter, I guess. But it drives me mad when I see people doing a lot of all or nothing diets - like an all vegan diet, or an only wild food diet or an all-paleo diet (which isn't on the show but is also very restrictive). Sustainable? NO!!!! And a bunch of these "fitness experts" try to be motivational, but end up just sounding like really silly uninformed ninnies. One "fitness expert" said to a contestant who lost some inches off her waist that she had lost some "really old toxic fat" around her belly. WTF is that? What's a toxic fat? How does she know it's old fat? How does she know it's fat and not water? Like I said, silly ninnies! And apparently yelling at people is supposed to be motivating. I'm a therapist, so that's my career shot to bits! The contestants seem to like it, though!

Fage plain Greek yogurt - I love this yogurt!

Leftover mozzarella, tomato, olive, basil, feta calzone

Kiwi, Babybel

2 scrambled eggs, 1.5 baked potato. hazelnut chocolate

10,157 steps


SlimExpectations said...

your calzone looks delish!!!!
I also cant do all vegan etc :(

Finding Lori said...

Glad I didn't waste my time on that show. I was going to watch it but forgot about it :)

Chrysalis Fit said...

Thanks SE.
Lori - it's worth a watch. Not for information, but just for entertainment purposes. :-)

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