Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jan 3rd-Jan 4th

I was out of town for the funeral of one of Don's cousins on Monday, so was not able to update the past few days. Not much to report today - mostly pictures, I think.

I had the same breakfast both Sunday and Monday - 2 eggs scrambled with onions, pesto, black olives and topped with queso fresco; Tea w. milk & 1 tsp sugar

SUNDAY: leftover veggie enchiladas and samosa ragada
MONDAY: We went to an Indian buffet. I didn't eat too much, but had way too many carbs!

SUNDAY: Small slice cheese pizza, murukku
MONDAY: Corn tortillas w. queso fresco and japalenos (healthy version of jalapeno poppers)

SUNDAY: 11,732 steps, 13 floors (most recorded on my fitbit so far)
MONDAY: 8,236 steps, 10 floors

And here is a pic of my first weekly Fitbit Report:
As you can see - I should probably have another goal re: sleep!!!


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