Thursday, July 30, 2015

Not a Successful Day

Yesterday was not successful re: my goal for the week of exercising for half an hour a day. You'd think that half an hour a day is doable on any day of the year. Yesterday however was hot here - 102F hot! That's hot for where I live, although I am sure it's not as hot compared to other places in the world. In any case, I worked late and then it was too hot to exercise. Excuses? Maybe - I was tired. Also, I considered doing a workout video at home, but it was hot inside too. Since it doesn't really get that hot here where I live in Oregon, it is not common for homes to have AC. I could have really used AC last night! Exercise apart, I managed to eat well, and am satisfied with that. Today is supposed to be hotter - 104F. :-(
Greek Yogurt w. Caramelized Almonds

Nacho Party at Work. Some one made tofu taco crumbles. They were amazing!!

I worked late, so ate some leftover from the nacho party for a snack

The snack made me lose my appetite for dinner. So, I just ate a couple of plums.

I woke up ravenous in the middle of the night and ate a protein bar.
Lesson learned: Never go to bed having had a meager dinner.

None today - goal not accomplished for the day.


Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

Despite not exercising, your day doesn't look too terrible :) I had no idea it could get that hot in Oregon! It's been in the mid-high 90's in New Orleans, but I'm not sure we've hit the triple digits yet (the heat index is steadily triple digits, though). Stay cool!

Chrysalis Fit said...

Thanks, Christina. Yeah - it occasionally gets hot here. This is one of those weeks. This is usually a temperate part of Oregon. It's desert in the east of Oregon and gets really really hot there. Thank goodness I don't live there. NOLA must be really humid too - hot and humid is much more uncomfortable than just hot. :-(

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