Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wednesday: Day 2

Day two of the challenge went well. But, it was challenging. :-) I started the day off strong with a bowl of 2/3 cup homemade low-sugar granola with fat free milk. I filled the bowl on my desk again with carrots and wild plums, so just reached there when I was feeling "munchy".

The challenging bit happened when I went to a work related party at 3:30. That's an odd time to have a party, and they shouldn't serve much food at that odd time in the afternoon. I knew I was going to eat dinner at home later, so I stuck to a piece of a veggie wrap, some veggies with no dip, some fruit, and a few slices of cheese. Not bad.

One of my resolutions also was that I would do something to pamper myself each day. Yesterday, I chose to go to bed at 9pm. It was still light out, and it was weird going to bed so early, but I had a wonderful night of rest and woke up really refreshed this morning. This way, I did both pampering and going to sleep before 11pm (another resolution). Yay!

Homemade Low-Sugar Granola w. Fat Free Milk

LUNCH 1: String Cheese, Edamame. I did not eat the yogurt

LUNCH 2: Veggie Wrap, Veggies, Fruit, Cheese

Whole Wheat Chapatis, Eggplant Curry

Don picked more blackberries for dessert


Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

Looks like Day 2 was a success. Way to go!

Chrysalis Fit said...

It was. Thanks. :-)

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