Friday, July 17, 2015

Queasy Tummy and Blackberries

My friend Lisa and I go for a walk and then dinner every Thursday. It's a time I look forward to - we chat and have fun and walk - it's always fun to exercise with someone else, especially when we are having fun talking. Yesterday, we started off with dinner at an Indian restaurant. I didn't remember about pictures until we were done with our meal, so sorry about that. Anyway, we went walking afterwards, and I felt really really queasy. Not sure if it was the meal or not - but I felt weird. I did recover by the end of the day and am fine this morning. However, I decided to go ahead and walk despite the queasy/nauseous feeling. And I was glad!!!

Last year, we walked down a path and Lisa remembered that there were blackberry bushes growing wild there. We decided to walk down there again and found an even bigger patch of wild blackberries. They were HUGE and quite tasty. There were so many that we ended up picking the ones that were really ripe. We will go back and get some more over the weekend or next week. And they didn't make me feel queasier at all! Let me take a minute to talk about my love/hate relationship with blackberries. The kind I am talking about are the ones that grow abundantly here in the Pacific Northwest. They are an invasive species of blackberries that grow over everything, frequently destroying whole trees in the process. They are very thorny - which makes then hard to manage, and they are extremely hard to get rid of! It is the only plant I know of that have thorns on their stem and also on the underside of their leaves! It is a nasty, nasty plant! However, the berries are heavenly. They are plump and delicious and wonderful. Since they grow like crazy in the wild here, they are abundantly available and are likely to be organic (unless whoever the land belongs to is spraying them). Here are pictures:

And here's the food for yesterday:

Homemade Granola and Fat-Free milk.
My sister made this low-sugar granola for me. Just a touch of sugar, and lots of nuts and fruits. Very yummy. It is so easy to make, it beats me why people buy the stuff! My sister is awesome!

I had packed a lunch, but forgot to bring it. So microwaveable lunch it was!

Mary's Gone Crackers; Cracked Pepper Cashews
Single Serving Potato Chips

Unphotographed dinner at Indian restaurant, and then a bunch of blackberries we picked.

Leisurely stroll with L.


Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

Those blackberries look amazing! You are fortunate to have a friend to walk with every week; it's so helpful to have that encouragement.

Chrysalis Fit said...

It certainly is - makes is feel more like fun than exercise. :-)

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