Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thoughts after 3 days

I stepped on the scale this morning. 233.4lbs. I know this can be very misleading. But, I also know that I have not been 233.x in more than a week. Maybe this has something to do with my 3meals+3snacks resolution?

I am really trying to keep up the resolution of only eating three meals and three snacks each day. Yesterday, I ate 4 snacks, but one of them was quite small. Anyhow, what I have noticed is that I do get cravings, and when I feel a craving come on, I try to rationalize eating something quick. I think -

"Oh. Just a small something..."
"I can eat less later in the day."
"I hate not being able to eat when I want to."
"It won't really matter. How long do I think I can go on doing this anyway?"
"I could eat it and then not blog about it..."
"This is horrible! I am going to get depressed if I go on restricting myself like this."

But I also find that when I stick to the resolution and just wait until my next meal or snack, it does not affect the quality of my life negatively. And, I also realize that I am not really restricting myself. I am eating 6 times a day. I am eating whatever I want to. It's just that when I do eat something that should not be consumed in great quantities, I don't consume a great quantity of it. (Pat myself of the back!)

Breakfast. 6:30am
Tea w. milk & splenda
1 semolina rusk
Puttu, Black chickpeas

Mid-morning snack 9:45am
Baked homemade key-lime coconut doughnut at meeting
(Not what I had planned. But this was yummy and wonderful, and home-made and baked, so less junk-y than Krispy Kreme?)

Lunch. 11.55am
2oz cheddar cheese, 10 rice crackers

Mid-afternnon Snack. 2:00pm

1/2 bag cinnamon-sugar Chex chips

Exercise. 5:15pm
1hr moderate walk with a friend

Dinner. 6:45pm
1.5 slice veggie pizza
1/4 cup pasta salad
1/2 cup green salad
2 pilot bread
Tortilla Chips x8
1/4 cup black beans
(Dinner was at a potluck. I ate quite a bit because I had had no time to eat a proper lunch during the day. However, I only took one serving and did not go back for seconds. I also skipped dessert.)

Exercise-II. 7:30pm
1.5 hrs mild square dancing. It's not really vigorous. But I will be on my feet and moving. 
Did not happen - class got cancelled.


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