Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bad Mid-Day Binge

I slept very little last night. I stayed up late and watched two movies back to back - "Win Win" and "Vicky Christina Barcelona". I also had gone to the library yesterday evening and picked up the new Bridget Jones sequel that I talked about in my last post. I read a couple of chapters of that - it's definitely not as good as the first book, and not even as good as the second book (which had been disappointing). I will finish reading it, but was disappointed and ended up watching the movies instead.

D and I made up last night and things have been fine. We made love this morning. How many calories does sex burn? Then we slept some more.

I woke up, ate breakfast and went hiking with a friend. We hiked up and down a small local butte twice - there are two paths up the butte, and we hiked the easy one first, went down and then hiked up the difficult one. Good start, right? Well, I went and followed it with a binge - not good!!!

Breakfast. 9:05am
Idli x3, coconut chutney
Tea w. Milk & Spelnda

Exercise. 10:30am
Hike up the butte twice (1.25 hrs total) with L.

Post Exercise Snack. 11:49am

Lunchtime Binge (the next three hours)
2 pieces soft nougat
1 cup creamy sundried tomato-parmesan pasta
Small handful garlic sesame sticks
3 oz cheddar cheese
3/4 packet of rice crackers (not calorie dense, but still!!)
1 diet pepsi
Wisdom gleaned (1) Eat a proper lunch instead of snacking. (2) Don't shop hungry!

Dinner. 8:00pm
Rice, plantain curry


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