Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week #2 - Progress

So, I think I am going to update my progress on this log daily (if possible) - maybe that will keep me accountable. With notes below about other things this week also.

SUN: Rest - Done!
MON: 1/2 hr Cardio, 1/2 hr 45-min Weight-Training, 15 min stretching - DONE!
TUE: PiYo class - DONE!
WED: 1hr Walk over Lunch
THU: Rest
FRI: Cardio, Weight-Training like Monday

Monday - Not as sore from the weight-lifting as I had been last week. And I did heavier weights and more reps too! This is a good sign. I made Mushroom and Black Bean enchiladas in green sauce. They were delicious! Have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday - Made a veggie/Brown Rice Casserole and Zucchini Bread. The casserole was not that great - I think I added too much milk and not enough cheese. The zucchini bread was yummy. Hubby ate about a half of it! Did the PiYo class again - I was SORE! But although it was difficult, I think it was easier than last week. That's a good sign.

Wednesday - Lower impact exercise today - walking with a friend over lunch.


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