Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm Back

We were gone for 8 days to Boston. 2 days travel (back and forth), 2 days conference, and 4 days of sight-seeing. It was great fun, and definitely felt like a break. The flights were torturous and long (west-east coast and back), and the time differences +DST made us very sleepy.

Fun-wise, we did lots of sight-seeing, learned a lot about Boston history, met a friend I had not met in 14 years, and met a dear family of friends I had not seen since 2009. Very satisfying altogether!

Food-wise, we ate out a lot. We were on a budget, so we ate out a lot at chipotle-style restaurants. D got horribly sick on his birthday from some dodgy chicken at a Qdoba. The hotel we stayed at for 4 days had a hot breakfast, so that was good too.

Exercise-wise, we walked around a lot. I would hate to have to drive around in Boston.I did not make use of the hotel fitness centers.

All in all, I ended up losing 0.2lbs on the trip - not bad at all! I was expecting a 2lbs+ gain. Thankfully, that did not happen.


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