Monday, February 1, 2016

GRR. Starting Again?

So, after the binge I posted a few days ago, I ate okay for a day and then I went off plan again. This is what happened: I weighed myself a few days later, saw that I was up in 224.xx and grew dejected and then spent the next couple of days not tracking/not healthfully because of whatever crappy justification I came up with in the moment.

Very unlike what I would recommend to another person, I tend to weigh myself in between Monday weigh-ins. This is a really bad idea because inevitably my weight would fluctuate over the week. It's a lose-lose situation because if I weigh in at a lower weight than what I weigh on the next Monday, I feel like a failure on Monday because I feel like it wasn't a "good enough weigh in". If I weigh in at a higher weight than the previous Monday, I feel like a failure for gaining weight and then go and eat without tracking.

I also had my Fitbit off for a couple of days - one day because I plugged it in to charge then forgot that I wasn't wearing it. Another day because I was doing a bunch of washing and didn't want it to get wet. Both days I logged less than 1,000 steps and then felt really pathetic about it because even though I had taken more steps, I had nothing to show for it. How silly is that!!!

In any case, I have been thinking about this weight-loss cycle and I will write about it in one of my upcoming posts. For now however, I will just say how grateful I am that Monday is also the start of a new month and I feel excited about another "new start".

Weigh-in this morning was 223.8 lbs. Up 0.6 since last week. I ended the month 1.8lbs lighter than when I started it. Not much, but even if I keep up this snail's pace, I will end the year under 200lbs which I have not been in about 7-8 years. Yay positive thinking!!!

This is my planned exercise for this week:

SUN - Dumbbell Exercises (DONE!!)
MON - Walk w. Lisa
TUE - Yoga Strength DVD
WED - Walk on my own
THU - Dumbbell Exercises
FRI - Yoga Strength DVD
SAT - Walk w. Libby / Contra Dance



Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

That sounds like a good plan, and you ended the month weighing less than you started, so go you! One time I forgot to put my Fitbit back on after charging, and I felt the exact same way... it's like, if there's no record of it does it even count?!

What if you put the scale away in between weigh ins? It worked well for me to put it in a really inconvenient spot, like at the top of a linen closet with towels and sheets and blankets and toilet paper stacked on top of it. I definitely didn't want to deal with getting it down more often than necessary!

Finding Lori said...

Sounds like a great plan! You can do this! I try not to weigh myself during the week because I go on and off plan if my weight is up or down, which it always is. My body is crazy!

Chrysalis Fit said...

I have always thought not weighing myself between "official" weigh ins is a great idea. I recommend it to others. But that has been hard to practice myself. I am going to do that this week though. Christina - I like the idea of putting my scale somewhere less accessible.

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