Friday, August 7, 2015

Paradoxical Endeavour

I've been lazy this past week. At each meal I try to make good choices - sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I haven't been exercising much this last week. I have been under some stress and for about 3 nights this past week, I did not get much sleep. The last two nights, I have been sleeping long and hard at night, but I've been waking up exhausted and am almost dropping off to sleep in my meetings. Not good at all!!

Lately, I have been having a lot of Fitbit envy - plenty of my friends and coworkers are wearing them, and I have been hearing a lot about how it has helped them to stay on track with their fitness, keeping them motivated and so on. So, I decided that I wanted to get one. However, spending $150 on it is not in my budget at the moment. Especially since it is a want not a need. So, I decided that if I could rake up enough credits on amazon through Swagbucks, Bing Rewards and MyPoints, I could get myself a Fitbit by the end of the year. (Disclaimer: if you sign up using one of those links, I get referral credits). I already had $11 in amazon credits at Swagbucks, and this past month I have been spending a lot of time online doing tasks on there and have got another $25 in amazon credits.

And there lies the self-contradicting illogical nonsensical-ness (??) of this. I have been sitting in front of a computer typing away for hours so that I can get a wristband that will make me get up and get out and walk about. I could have been doing that in the first place instead. You see how it is a want and not a need, right?

Organic Seed and Grain Bread w. Almond Butter and homemade jam from a co-worker
Earl Grey Tea

Lunch eaten out with a coworker: Pesto Scrambled Eggs w. veggies.
I did not eat all the potatoes or bread

Veggie Portobello-Swiss Burger, Fries
Don ate all my wedge cut fries. I ate some of his shoestring fries (not pictured)
Unphotographed strawberry frozen yogurt

1 hr leisurely walk with L.


Shelley said...

I get wanting to track your exercise (which is why I wear a Garmin when I run), but honestly, I don't get the Fitbit you say, you could just be walking now. But hey, if it motivates you to get up and moving more, then go for it.

Christina @ Love Yourself Healthy said...

I got my husband a Garmin VivoFit (much cheaper than a FitBit--I paid $50 on Groupon) and he loves it so far. He seems much more motivated to get up an get moving. If he hasn't moved for too long of a time, it has a red bar to let you know you need to MOVE. Someone left a FitBit at his theater about a month ago and never came back to claim it, so he brought it home and as soon as I get a charger for it, I'm going to start using it. Hopefully it doesn't alert the original owner that I have it ;) Good plan for earning the money to get one, even as backwards as it may sound :)

Chrysalis Fit said...

Shelley - I know. It's just toy-envy. Other things probably would do the trick as well. One consolation I have is that I am not actually spending my own time doing the SB and Bing rewards. I'm doing this during my downtime at work. I don't do it in the evenings or on the weekends - just while I am stuck indoors. So although I said I could be walking during the time I spend on the computer, I can't - I have to be at work. But when I am able to get up and walk around, I still don't - I usually veg out and watch TV - not good!!!

Christina - what fun. Do blog about what the Fitbit does for you. I like the sound of the reminder to get up and move. I don't give that to myself, and no one else does either. Maybe if I don't have enough SB/Bing/MyPoints by the end of the year, I'll buy a garmin as well.

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