Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Starting Metformin

I picked up my prescription yesterday, and am started taking Metformin today. I start with one pill in the morning for two weeks, and then up it to two daily (morning and evening) for 4 weeks, and then to three daily. My doctor thinks that in 6 months, my cycles will be regular, and I will be able to conceive. If not, we will consider infertility treatments. I hope things go well.

So, it appears that Metformin needs to be taken with food. This minimizes the side effects of nausea and diarrhea. What this means is that from now on, I will have to make sure to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast has always been somewhat of a challenge for me. While I enjoy making and eating a good breakfast, more often than not, I prioritize sleeping in another half hour. I'll have to be better about this.

I'm also planning on going with some friends to a Salad Roll workshop this evening. It is a free workshop. I hope they give us some salad rolls after to take home with us. That will be nice.

Also, talking about salad rolls, I suppose I should also make the effort to eat better and manage my blood glucose. I am not diabetic yet, but I am in the pre-diabetic range and should be careful because the incidence of birth defects are higher if the mother has higher blood glucose levels.

Here is what I ate/will eat today:

Breakfast. 8.00am
Cottage Cheese, Rice Crackers, Banana

Snack. 11:00am
String cheese, 2 snack-sized pieces candy (so much for sugar-control)

Lunch. 12.15pm
Thai Red Curry Vegetable Soup

Snack. 5:30pm
Salad rolls?

Dinner. 6:45pm
Enchilada Bowl and Chips
Popcorn w. Nutritional yeast at movie


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